Focus vs Hustle – Journal Entry 002

Drowsy after 15 minutes on my Audible app listening to “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”, narrated and authored by Wayne Dyer, I turned the sheets to flick off the light on the night stand.

Comfortable in my bed, I began to drift off content with the day.

I’m happy.

Drifting deeper and deeper, almost asleep, I thought to myself:  “What did you do today?”

I shouldn’t have answered myself…

Suddenly, I’m eyes wide open, alert,  and alarmed by the answer to my own question:

“Nothing.  You did nothing today.”

I was woefully aware, right there and then, that I managed to wade through the day without doing anything substantial toward my goals.  I blew it.

The thought changed my entire state.   One moment I’m blissfully nodding off to a peaceful slumber, the next I’m wide awake and slightly annoyed with myself.

I started with a lot of tasks and the day was super busy.  It’s not like I sat on the couch all day.  But, like a zombie, I spent most of the day just “doing stuff”.  I responded to important emails as they came in, followed up with my video production clients on the phone, worked on website stuff, cooked dinner, helped my neighbor with some chores (he’s quadriplegic and I’m super happy to help with anything I can.), had one-on-one conversations with my employees, researched this and noted that, ran some errands during lunch, cleaned the nasty ass dog dish… and on and on.  Just a bunch of stuff.

I did NOT “Carpe Diem” if you know what I mean.

I didn’t seize the day…I let it rule over me.  I was busy with what the day handed me.  My focus was on whatever was presented to me.

Although I got a lot done, a lot of important stuff, a lot of responsible stuff, – – that’s not focus.

You know what I did today?


And “hustling” is a far cry from focusing.

A lot of stock is being thrown into the word “hustle” these days and far too many entrepreneurs and business owners are buying into it.  Long, frantic days banging out task after task, pitch after pitch, email after email.  Working hard, making things happen.

Want to know what’s better than hustle?

How about this?

Mindful Focus

When you’re mindful you’re aware.  You are awake.  Wait, scratch that, you’re aware that you’re awake and aware of what you are doing.  You are not on reactionary auto-pilot responding to everything that’s thrown at you and surviving the day.

I mean, that’s exactly what I did.  I survived the day.  I even had a lot of little success in there.  I was productive.  I was responsible, I fulfilled promises, I did a lot.  All in all it was a pretty good day.

So in the spirit of this ever so popular notion of HUSTLE to make it, reframe.   After all, anybody can spazz out to exhaustion and feel like they did something.

When you want to hustle.  Become mindful first.  Then focus.

Being mindful is focus with purpose.  It’s concentration on the important stuff and only you can define what’s truly important.  You define that.

If you hustle without being mindful of what you truly want from the day, you may just may end up being jolted from a peaceful sleep with regret like I was.


Jason Anderson

USMC Veteran, dog lover, husband, and curious soul. Professionally, you'll find Jason working with his clients at iMotionVideo (custom motion graphic promotional video production service) & VideoBuddy (a flat rate video editing service for small business and entrepreneurs).

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