Journal Entry 001

Day One.

First day of spring:  2017

Spring represents a new beginning.  A fitting day to start a diary,right?

Sorta reminds me of this:

Today Is The First Day

Of The Rest Of My Life

Watch This (It's Funny)


When I purchased this domain years ago, it was simply to create personal email address.

Now, I’m ready to experiment and do a little more with it.    I’m ready to share deeper, here, than on social media.  A blog just makes sense for a personal accounting of everything involved with life.

Here, I’ll be sharing what’s going on in my personal life, what’s happening in my businesses, share insights on books I’m reading, movies I like, what I’m working on, and on and on.

Facebook and other social sites are great for quick shares and some conversations but a blog goes deeper.

The goal? – – Two to three consistent blog posts a week encompassing business, personal, and spiritual insights.

So, if you’re interested – – Welcome to my life!

Jason Anderson

USMC Veteran, dog lover, husband, and curious soul. Professionally, you'll find Jason working with his clients at iMotionVideo (custom motion graphic promotional video production service) & VideoBuddy (a flat rate video editing service for small business and entrepreneurs).

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