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Hospital Life

If I’m tired, I don’t complain.   Not out loud anyway.  My sleepiness is nothing compared to what my Mom is going through with all the pain pills and recovery from open heart surgery.

Dry mouth to the max, sleepy till it hurts, pain from surgery… it really wears a body out.  And until you witness it first hand, it’s hard to fully grasp what recovery from major surgery is really like.

If you haven’t seen it or experienced it, close your eyes and try to image it for a moment.  Now, take what you just thought and amplify it by 10.  10x the suffering from what you imagine.

I’m in the hospital cafeteria hopping on this old MacBook Air and taking a break.  My mom can’t take a break from the room she’s in.  She can’t take a break from the pain, the pills, and the pokes.

I’m the lucky one.

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